About Us


Myhangouts is a platform built for people to connect in real-life and establish a robust support system through shared activities. Throughout history, people have always been more motivated whenever they felt a sense of ‘belonging’. Hence, we decided to create something that will enable people to collectively create and attend meaningful events to ignite their passions and unleash their potentials.

Not too long ago, our team saw an opportunity. An opportunity that allowed people to come together and build a community that did not shy away from realistic interactions. Be part of a society that prospers on real, face-to-face contact as opposed to a virtual one. Let’s bring back the time where technology was merely a tool - use it to spend more time getting to know each other beyond profile descriptions and maybe chase sunsets while you’re at it. Two birds, one stone. 

Join hangouts online, and get together with people in your community offline. In addition to having fun, you can work together and get involved in making your community flourish. We urge people to rekindle with an old passion, discover hidden talents or improve existing skills. Being part of a community can yield a long list of benefits, it’s truly endless. Sometimes, all we need is a push for us to unleash our full potential, and that’s exactly what we aim to be at MyHangouts. A community that pushes you to achieve a better you, so that you’re not alone in achieving your goals whether it’s to learn something new this year or to simply become a fitter version of yourself.

Beginning with the benefits of becoming a member, the main advantage is having direct access to a wide-range of activities and events that are held within a reasonable distance. The limited opportunities available to a person is, more often than we think, a hurdle that stops them from doing something they’ve always loved. Here, we provide the opportunity to connect with people they may already know and pursue their interests collectively. Offline gatherings can promote better communication skills through real-life interactions, increase confidence by encouraging more face-to-face or physical contacts, and cultivate motivation – users are inspired to get off their computers and show up for these events, getting off the couch is the first step to staying active and staying healthy.

We put great emphasis on fitness and health because we understand the need of it in today’s world. However, we welcome everyone to join us whether you lead an active or sedentary lifestyle. After all, we all need to start somewhere. Today, we provide the most convenient way of making meaningful connections because we want to encourage people to lead healthier, more meaningful lives.

How It Works 

1. Sign up as an individual, private tutor/instructor or business/institution. Make sure you fill in the correct email address as you will be required to activate your account before you can finally use it. The activation link will be sent in your email. Always check your spam/junk folder!

2. After confirming your email, you can now log in to your MyHangouts account using your email address and chosen password.

3. Depending on your needs, select from the options available:

     - Post and host a new hangout – perfect for individuals/businesses who want to share their services or knowledge, this can either be
       offered for free or paid. (Please   note the paid-in services can only be offered by a Tutor/Instructor and Business/Institution. The membership
       plan can be chosen during the sign-up process. You can view/change your existing plan by visiting ‘Account Settings’ and click on the ‘General’
       tab. Please refer to the FAQ to learn more about membership pricing.)

     - Post a learning request hangout or find a tutor near you – suitable for people looking for specific services such as ‘looking for a fitness
       trainer’ or ‘math tutor’.

     - Or simply find hangouts near you – a free and fun way to get together with a group of people who share a common interest within 
       our community!

4. Once you find a hangout of your choice, you can join by clicking on the RSVP button. Or if you opted for creating a new hangout, fill in the details and once published, wait for other members to join.

5. Get ready to go out and meet your new friends. Most importantly, enjoy!

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We are for the fun-seeker, the get-up-and-goer, the curious explorer and the social butterfly.

MyHangouts wants to change the way people spend their free time and ultimately create a healthier lifestyle for everyone. We want individuals to be part of a larger community and spend time getting to know others. Through interactive activities, work up a sweat, get moving and meet new friends to get active with.

Expand your social circle and get plugged in to a fitter everyday with MyHangouts today.

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